Serving at Grace

If you are new to Grace Church or are looking to get better involved, Next Steps is perfect for you.

At Next Steps we will help you…

  1. Connect with our vision, culture, people & leaders.
  2. Connect with a great small group.
  3. Connect with high impact, meaningful areas of service & outreach.

For more information, please visit our website.

Serving Opportunities in Student Ministries

Senior High

Small Group Leader

Do you have a desire to invest in the lives of the next generation? Crave Small Groups meet each week and create opportunities for our students to build relationships and ask questions about their faith. As a Small Group Leader you would help facilitate a group, pray for your students, and help organize serving opportunities. Grace is a big place, but this is our attempt to keep it small and foster great community.

When: Wednesday Nights from 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Where: The Underground (Room 023)

Questions? Contact: Laura Buchelt

Junior High

Wednesday Night Programming

Wednesday Nights provide a great opportunity to serve our Students in a variety of different areas:

  • Serving A Meal
  • Running the Cafe
  • Leading Games
  • Greeting/Check-In
  • Production Team

When: Wednesday Nights from 5:45pm-8:15pm

We are flexible on availability...

Where: JAM Space (Room 256)

Questions? Contact: Raschelle Stanley

JAM Meet & Greet

If you're in Junior High and feel like everyone is the friend you haven't met yet, or simply want to make others feel welcomed at JAM - this could be the place for you!

What it is: Like the name suggests - you are part of the welcome crew and will focus on meeting new students and making sure they know what the night will hold as well as have someone to sit with, eat dinner with, or ask questions. There's also the chance we'll need some help with announcements - in case you like to be behind a mic!

When: During JAM on Wednesdays - but you would need to check with Raschelle around 5:45pm to get a lanyard, talk through announcements, and gear up for the night.

Interested? Contact: Raschelle Stanley